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About Masterlow

The Masterlow strain doesn’t have a ton of THC behind it (it sits around 15%) but it makes up for it with varied, pedigree breeding and great flavors. The strain comes from Mdanzig, breeders out of Spain most famous for Blue Streak and Lowryder. They bred Masterlow from a cross between Master Kush and Lowryder, resulting in strong Kush characteristics, a lot of resin, and a medium yield. Among Spanish auto-flowers, Masterlow is an international fruity favorite with a smoothie of terpenes and a feeling of happy calm.

Mdanzig has been working with auto-flowering strains like Masterlow for 15 years. To date, they’ve created around 20 Lowryder hybrids that are all stable auto-flowerers. These strains are hardy enough to grow inside or out and stay vigorous throughout the whole growing cycle.

The terpene profile of Masterlow is a mix of pinene, ocimene, humulene, and nerolidol. This gives it a varied flavor of grapefruit and grape, with a hint of diesel that sweetens into nutty, chemmy strawberries on the exhale. The plant grows up to 80 inches, flowering in an average of 56 days with an average height of around 80 inches and an average yield. Though consumers report some dry mouth and anxiety on the strain, they also report feeling their attention spans and moods even out with Masterlow’s help.

The Masterlow strain makes its users feel euphoric, creative, calm, and hungry. This makes it a great fit for afternoons spent in with a load of snacks and a few creative hobbies on hand. We recommend spending the afternoon with some movies, drawing, writing, knitting, and snacking, studying in the art of happy calm under Masterlow.

The strain’s genetic origins hail from Afghanistan and Thailand, with plants that are rich in heavy resin and flavors that range from fruity berry terpenes to a nutty exhale on the end. Its exact composition is unknown, but it’s around equal parts indica, sativa, and even ruderalis, a combination that gives the strain resilience in the ground and power in the palette.

Inexperienced cannabis consumers can get some anxiety or even cottonmouth on Masterlow, but it comes with euphoric creativity, calm, hunger, and a heavy body high. 15% THC on average may not seem like a lot, but the strain makes the most of it with spicy fruit flavors, sour aftertastes, and hints of pine. No matter where you are, Masterlow is a taste of the best these Spanish growers have to offer.


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