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About Dozizos

Dozizos gets its name from its famous parent, the soundalike strain Do-Si-Dos, crossed with a granddaddy of fruity Indica NorCal phenotype, the inescapable Zkittlez. Dozizoz brings its parents’ fruity energy to produce a slow and yet creative euphoria. This strain is a slightly Indica-leaning hybrid from Green Fire Genetics. Consumers who enjoy sweet scents enjoy Dozizos. Growers cultivating this strain should expect harvests in late October. 

Continue reading to learn why Dozizos has been a new favorite ever since it was bred.

Dozizos is a strain that exudes candy-coated sweetness with every drag, from an onset that tastes like a fruity lollipop to a mellower aftertaste that has a cookie-like, doughy flavor. It’s like inhaling a candy store, holding it in, and breathing out a bakeryfull of freshly baked cookies. There are also hints of apple, cream, and nut flavors. It has been also described as smoking a pie, so Dozizos is best suited to those with a major sweet tooth that crosses over into their smoking time.

So long as you have the stomach for flavors of candy-cookie-cake and can handle a THC level of around 20%, then the Dozizos strain should hit the spot. As you mellow out in an aroma of ripe berries, nutty cookies, and hints of sour candy, you’ll feel creative, calm, relaxed, and a little sleepy when the high winds down. The strain is known for dropping users down into blissful states, full of euphoria, happiness, creativity, and waves of calmness. 

We recommend pairing Dozizos with a creative hobby: a day hanging out inside, watching something, drawing, or writing. One way or another, you’ll be locked to your couch and eventually ready for bed, with a strong sedated feeling.

This is why Dozizos is popular for consumers who feel stressed or tired after a long week at work. It has a way of making sleep attainable and happiness inevitable. It’s all wrapped up in buds that are fat, like little spades, that are dark olive-green, with bright yellow pistils and tiny crystals. They’ll make you feel alert at first, but sleepy and relaxed later. This is a strain for getting fuzzy in the head (maybe it’s from all that fake sugar!).

Growers should expect a strain that smells mouthwateringly sweet, even in the soil, with 65-70 days of flowering time and smallish yields. Expect outdoor crops to be ready in the second half of October.


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