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About Diamond Diesel

Diamond Diesel is a high-yielding, Sativa-dominant hybrid from Top Seedcret, a breeder that was officially founded in 2017 in Germany after years of small-time growing. The strain’s genetics are not 100% known, but research suggests the cross is between Swazi and Cinderella 99 and then bred with Sour Diesel IBL (the confirmed half of its lineage). Note that the “IBL” in Sour Diesel stands for In-Bred Line which is a breeding technique to strengthen genetic integrity.

With mid-high THC levels, relaxing effects, and flavor of sour gas sending your taste buds spinning, Diamond Diesel has a lot to offer consumers with eager palettes and slightly higher tolerance levels.

The flowering time for the Diamond Diesel strain is long –  up to 75 days. The strain has been on a rise in popularity since 2021, spurred by the simultaneous rise of Top Seedcret, the breeders behind other famous strains like Krampus OG and Sour Yeti. 

The growing information on this strain is limited, but we know that it comes from a classy heritage by way of Sour Diesel IBL, best known as the High Times Plant of the Year winner in 2005. We recommend tackling Diamond Diesel with a hydroponics setup, as you would with many of the more temperamental Sativa-heavy mixes.

The aroma of the Diamond Diesel strain is like tangy diesel mixed with tones of earth. The onset of the strain is very heavy, very gassy, and very pungent. This isn’t a strain you can hide from a landlord – Diamond Diesel makes its funky presence known loud and clear. Terpenes like Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene grant this strain with their extreme flavor and aroma profile. The high of the strain is no less potent. 

As consumers begin smoking, the first effect feels like a boost of creativity. This strain can also lift your mood and put you at ease. You’ll feel bright, relaxed, confident, and just amazing all around. 

The further into your Diamond Diesel joint, the effects transform more into a euphoric haze, trading a sense of go-get-’em creativity for a mellower calming state of mind. The strain almost induces serious couch lock at the end, with sensations fading and bringing on relaxation.

This makes the Diamond Diesel strain a good companion for a late afternoon that you want to transition into a laid back evening, providing you with the motivation to create your next painting. 

The strain leans on its earthy notes, on your exhale, which allows you to loosen up and wind down to sleep. Diamond Diesel should only bring you good things, provided you enjoy mind-expanding relaxation, diesel aromas, and the munchies that come later to finish the evening off right.


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