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About Cream Soma

Cream Soma is a strain with a hazy genetic origin, though we know it was bred by Tierra Grow from a combination of Critical Kush  and an unknown female strain. The result is an Indica-heavy (80/20) sweetie that smells of strawberries and honey, rewarding patient consumers with a complex aroma. The strain looks great growing in your garden, adding a deep purple stickiness to your greenhouse. The plants grow in top-heavy formations, so you’ll need to take some extra precautions to make sure it grows well. Continue reading to learn about how to grow Cream Soma and what you can expect from using it.

Critical Kush, which was 90% Indica and included OG Kush in its direct genetic lineage, is the source of a lot of Cream Soma’s effects (and a lot of our information about it). Like its dad, Cream Soma is a slow-builder, best experienced at the end of a long-haul afternoon when you can let its complex sweetness build at your own pace. Another borrowed trait is Cream Soma’s huge yields and a tendency to grow top-heavy plants, with colas that have high centers of gravity. If you’re not careful, the strain can bend or even break from its heavy load of buds.

Growing Tips: There are many growing methods you can use to support your top-heavy Cream Soma buds so they don’t grow awkwardly or break. Though bamboo canes are an old-fashioned way to do it, cheap cane is readily available and can easily be used to help young plants stay upright. A trellis is another possibility for both indoor and outdoor growers, to not only keep your plant tops stable but to secure them against the elements too.

The Cream Soma strain contains around 16% THC on average, as well as retaining a healthy amount of CBD through the growing process, up to 10% in some cases. In some presentations, the strain will have more CBD than THC. This impacts the high you can expect from this strain, which begins with slow-building feelings of relaxation, happiness, and hazy euphoria. As you smoke, you’ll feel lifted, happy, and lost in your own thoughts. Be prepared for sedation to set in on this strain, which you should save for the late afternoon or evening when you have nothing else to do. This is why the strain is popular for stressed-out people who have trouble sleeping. Cream Soma is a great before-bed timewaster that’ll have you off your feet and drifting off before long.

The flavor is incredibly sweet, like strawberries mixed with honey and pine. But as you smoke, it gradually becomes spicy, which is in the aroma too, of spicy earth, fresh herbs, and pine. The buds of the Cream Soma plant grow sticky with resin and deep purple in color, with barely any green in some cases. The amber pistils stick out in little tufts. So long as you save it for later in the day, Cream Soma could be a real sleeper hit (literally).


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