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About Goldmine

The Goldmine strain is a resin-heavy, indica-dominant cross (70/30) between AK-49 and Mazar by the breeders at Heavyweight Seeds. The strain produces mid-high THC levels in an easy-to-grow package that even beginner growers should be able to tackle with ease. Heavyweight, a breeder out of Spain, has a catalog of over 3,000 cannabis varieties that they’ve been building up for a decade. Goldmine is just one of their most popular, providing a strain that’s easy on the eyes and the tastebuds, so long as you like them sweet.

The Goldmine plant is known for stretching as it grows, especially after the veg stage, despite being an Indica-dominant strain. You’ll have to give it an above-average amount of nutrients to keep it happy, but otherwise, Goldmine is easy to grow no matter your experience level. In fact, this strain is known for its extended, lanky branches that eat and drink about as much as you can give them. The buds are shiny with resin, like sparkly Christmas trees with broad, bright green leaves, twisty bright orange-yellow pistils, and a coat of shiny yellow crystal trichomes, like lemon dust.

Growing Tip: We mentioned the strain is easy to grow, and we meant it – so long as you feed it well, Goldmine is basically exactly that. The only tip we have is that this strain really stinks in the ground. Scents of gassy fruit will completely fill your greenhouse/growing area. So make sure if you want to grow this indoors to take steps to get carbon filters and ventilate the space properly. Otherwise, you’ll be living in some serious funk.

Goldmine’s terpene profile is intensely sweet, with an overwhelming impression of berries and honey, mixed with wild fruit and citrus, especially at first. The terpenes it inherits from its lineage with AK-49 and Mazar also include humulene and caryophyllene, which gives it that spicy, woody, gassy flavor on the exhale. The flavor is pleasantly uplifting, rarely overpowering.

The effect of the high of this strain is an up-and-down journey through its 22% THC content. The strain provides a mellow but long-lasting and full-physical high, better suited to users with a little more experience with indica-heavy strains. If you feel ready to tackle it, Goldmine can provide a physical release in your body that pairs well with relaxation and de-stressing after a long day or week, making it a great strain for the afternoon.


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