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About Gelato Dream

Gelato Dream is a sativa-dominant strain (70/30) bred by crossing Loud Dream with Gelato #41 by the breeder Anesia Seeds. Its flavor is sweeter than sweet, like putting your favorite childhood sugary treats in your mouth and lighting them on fire. Its THC levels are sky-high, at least 33% on the high end. Continue reading to learn about the purplish buds of these amazing chunky flowers and what you can expect from them.

The Gelato Dream strain takes around 56-63 days to flower, which is pretty average. The plants only reach moderate height, with a growing structure borrowed from its parent strains – slim but strong. The Gelato Dream branches come in with sturdy confidence, populated by numerous chunky flowers that give the plant its dark purple and green, almost red coloring. The crystal trichomes are large, thick, and resinous.

Growing Tip: The Sea of Green growing method (or SOG) is a great fit for Gelato Dream since the plants are so robust. Topping the plants using this method means you can harvest them more quickly at greater yields, if you do it right.

The Gelato Dream flavor is a punch of sour citrus and fruity sugar, like inhaling an entire candy store. The effect is fruity-vibrant, with a nostalgic sense of happy energy on the inhale and berry, earth, and sugar flavors on the exhale. Uplifting, stormy, and packed with citrus, Gelato Dream lives up to the literal impression of its name.

Gelato Dream’s effects provide focus, uplifting energy, and motivating energy with feelings of physically relaxing happiness. This is why we recommend the strain for people looking for a physical high without sedation, especially for those who feel overly tired at the end of the week. Gelato Dream is a mood-enhancer.

This is a strain that’s great if you’re looking for flavors of ice cream and candy-sweetness wrapped up in a ton of THC, giving you focus and uplifting energy but no sedation. The buds are a vibrant alien purple-red with orange pistils and a plentiful blanket of sticky white trichomes. If you use the right trimming methods, your little maroon Christmas tree will yield well and get THC up to a nose-blowing 33%.

Anesia Seeds is a breeder that splits the difference between California and Spain, famous not only for Gelato Dream but for other favorites like Big Bazooka, FAT Monkey Auto, and Banana Kush.

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